Giddy-Up!    Location:  West Tunnel Baggage Claim exit to Parking Garage  Love Field  Airport, Dallas, TX, 2014 33 digital prints on glass with ceramic glass colors, 18 x 18 x 1 inches each,  Fabrication:  Franz Mayer of Munich, Inc.    Concept summary:   Love Field , symbolized as a heart from which Pegasus, the symbol of Dallas emerges and subsequently ascends to flight above the lone star of Texas.   Commissioned by : Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs, Southwest Airlines, the Department of Aviation and the Love Field Modernization Program.
Hallway View 2.jpg
Giddy Up 5.jpg
 Final panels  Franz Mayer of Munich , July 2014
 Overseeing the installation, October 2014.
 Design Diagram
 Single Panel,  Franz Mayer of Munich , July 2014
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